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  • Photo du rédacteurRobin Haefeli Atelier

Wéko The mask Gatherer - Chest in fairy forest // Screenshot #2

This scene focuses on a chest surrounded by a magical and enchanted landscape. The calm, fresh water and the steps to access the chest are also in harmony with the fairy-tale setting.

This scene was created under Unreal Engine 4 and taken directly from our game. It's a real screenshot without any retouching. We use Zbrush to sculpt the assets and SubstancePainter to paint the different assets.

Wéko is an ambitious game, developed under Unreal Engine 4 by two passionate of video games : Robin Haefeli and Simon Da Silva. In the style of 3D action-adventuregames, you will be transported to a fantasy world where you will embody Wéko, an adventurer collecting magical masks that give their owners all kinds of unique powers and abilities Designed & Developed in Geneva Switzerland.

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