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Wéko The mask Gatherer #3 - Lore

Wéko The mask Gatherer
Wéko The mask Gatherer

"Once upon a time, the earth was full of life, flowers, majestic animals and all species communicated with each other in perfect harmony and balance. No one living creature was above another and everyone enjoyed living a simple and altruistic life. However, some individuals had, over time, developed characteristics and personalities that diverged from their common ambitions. Emotions so extreme that they ended up governing and dividing its inhabitants. This is how the seven deadly sins were born: Lust, gluttony, greed, avarice, laziness, envy, anger and pride. Men who possessed these primordial emotions were called "Allegories". Seven humans who had abandoned their mortal flesh to spiritually ascend to their sin. For 1,000 years, each allegory tried as best it could to incline other sins to its own conviction, leading to repeated wars and the slaughter of many species. Envy was insatiable and wanted to possess absolutely everything. Everything, even other sins. And so, on a cold night, he gave in to the worst madness: Eaten and bruised by the goal of possessing all other sins, Envy turned all allegories into a mask in order to possess them materially. However, this process was so powerful that it was impossible to channel it. Ironically, Envie succumbed to his own evil spell and turned himself into a mask. The seven masks were so unstable and charged with energy that they burst and scattered throughout the world creating hundreds of masks born of the seven deadly sins. This is how we are today in a world where the most intrepid and courageous adventurers travel to discover and recover the masks. This is where my story begins; I am going to tell you the story of Wéko the mask gatherer." Oz

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